Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I posted for the first time in like EVER! Reason? UHHHHH i don't have one. Actually i'm just sitting here being bored while i wait for one of my friends to send me the pic she drew for the cover of my sisters book! is ok...ish. I got asked out (i said no), I learned new flute music, managed to run three miles in athletics today, and finally figured out how to doo triple elimination in Algebra II HA 90 on the test! Can i get a whoop whoop!!!

School...yes lets talk about school. Its kinda boring. I go to band, hang out with my little ones, speak in spanish, check my email, debate, lots of math, run and lift....then come to the com[puter lab after school and search for music to play on my flute. Its kinda like i have a routine...a messed up routine but a routine. AND!!!! I've finally restarted my Japanese Lessons. Its about time i was getting lonely without talking to the computer like i did in Georgia. Granted its not as fun without Kaley screaming, "I ALREADY SAID GOOD MORNING YOU STUPID COMPUTER DON'T MAKE ME SAY IT AGAIN!" Bahahaha good times. Anyways the flu struck our house...yuck! But I Kelsey (hehe third person speech...i love it!), managed to remain unscathed thanks to my super power called Immunity!

OHHHHH that reminds me...third person lol INUYASHA CAME BACK OUT!!!! WOOHOOO ITS AWESOME SAUCE AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!!! Wow...i'm such a loser. Oh well i prefer it to anything else i have going on right now. Lets see i have a to-do list before christmas...

1.) finish third book

2.) type up other two

3.) get them bound

4.) get one to Kaley in time for christmas

5.) go christmas shopping!!!

Yeah uh...i'm just rambling i shall get going oh wait before i go check out the picture my friend drew of me! Its amazing!!! A thousand hugs and kisses to Ashley my forever friend and ally (ha Lord of the Rings)