Sunday, October 18, 2009

Urges to Scream

"I tell myself no...but its so hard to keep hard."

ok here we go! Apparently i need therapy or something because i really am getting the urge to break something just to watch it shatter! Is that bad? Teme-Chan says its not...but Daddy C says i have anger management problems and mama threatened to put me into therapy. I guess it might be helpful. But i just don't feel like it! And Teme-Chans biological father called me stupid through facebook that disgusting jerk-face! He says he's got beef...well i'm a vegetarian and i ain't even scared of him!

Let's see here besides that i'm sitting around listening to the whole family talk. It reminds me how much i truly miss the peace and quiet that comes from just sitting in my room and messing around on photobucket listening to my music. I've learned that japanese styled music is sooo much more fun to listen to. And yes i do know what they are saying so ha! (I cannot stand it when people are like "you don't even know what they are saying!") I feel like writing, but i can never seem to write whenever i don't have some sort of music playing. Teme-Chan says its because i get my ideas from the music. I partially agree. I think the tone of the music i listen to describes the tone of my writing at the time. Which makes sense.

But anyways...i have decided to change my style yet again...go figure. I'm just trying to find who i am and how i like to dress. The hippie style really just doesn't compliment me. Mama says it does but i just don't think it defines who i am. But i don't want to look goth. I just love the school girl outfit with the pleated skirt and tie. Again Daddy J and mama say that it looks like a hookers outfit. Which hurts i won't lie. I really want a bunch of them so i can be like "YAY!" But besides that i kinda like the skinny jean look.

Anyways.......I'm pretty much out of stuff to say. I really have been leading an uneventful life. Which bores me but hey. Got a one at the band competition...thats good. And softball practice starts soon...also good. and only ten weeks until christmas..also good.


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  1. Teme-chan seems to know everything doesn't she?

    I think you are just fine, just a bit too dramatic and self-absorbed, but oh well you're 16 who isn't?

    the bottome line is dad and i love you very much and are quite proud of you. sorry we get in the way of your life, but many, many, many years from now you might just find we were just trying to help you be the best YOU you can be.

    oh and btw,

    boho is YOUR best look, get used to it in the same way i got used to the fact i was never going to be 6 foot tall and regal. it's life chica, make the best of what you've been blessed with.

    love you and proud of you always,