Thursday, August 27, 2009


And here's Kelsey with her first week of school status report...are you ready this is big ok here goes

*ahem* I HATE HIGHSCHOOL!!! this has been a public service announcement.

anyways...thats really all i have to say except i have to drop my history class, and i have to find a high school musical costume by tomorrow

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Ramblings of Me

AHHHHHH!!!!! I didn't know that there is an rpg game of InuYasha (for those of you who don't know...RPG means role playing game.) And you get to be YOURSELF i stress yourself and join the cast and play the game defeating Naraku and finding the secret of the cursed mask...isn't that just nifty. Anyways mama said i could have it if i finished my chores all week so i'm working really hard on that.

Oh and I finally finished my book. Its about time to!!! Its called Chance to Love. Now that i finished it i just need to hurry and get it typed and bound so i can give it to Blythe for Christmas. The only downer thing about finishing this one is now i need to geet started on the next book for Kaley which is going to be harder than this one because the plot is more complicated...but i am soooo ready to start it. It is going to be great if i can just nail the actual plot completely right.

School starts next monday and I can honestly say that i don't want to. I guess the main thing is i just dislike the actual getting up in the morning and having to go listen to someone ramble on and on about something that you will probably never ever use again such as ALGEBRA!!! But thats besides the point i have to go no matter what so i might as well just get it over with especially since i am almost finished.

ANIME though that is what i really wanted to talk see I am a big fan of anime. It usually doesn't matter what its about i will find something about it that i can enjoy. My favorite though is InuYasha. Its a really really nifty show and i love it. The t.v. series, however, ended before the actual manga was over (for those of you who don't know a manga is a japanese version of a comic book, but with an actual plot worth reading) To say the least i was devastated when i found out, but then i heard that InuYasha is coming back to finish out the series where it left off. INUYASHA: FINAL ACT COMES OUT THIS SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!! Right in time for my sweet sixteen!!! Anyways though my joy for that increased when i heard that a movie is coming out too!!!! So to say the very least i'm so stoked its not even funny. Also Naruto is almost finished which is pretty depressing since i absolutely adore Naruto. The main thing i am upset about is that if Masashi Kishimoto (thats the writer) doesn't put Hinata and Naruto together i will be sending some serious hate mail.

I suppose thats all i have to say since i'm pretty much through talking. LOL my sweet sixteen is next month and i am super stoked for that too so anyways ttyl