Monday, October 19, 2009

Mondays...I like them


It's monday today! AHAHAHAHA anyways...Today was one of those just all around great days!It was one of the "Ha what now...I feel great!" Moments in life. In one word i can summarize...awesomesauceness! It had a few embarrassing moments, but just all together fun.

Let's see i was in first period and we watched our band thing. Mr. Hartman pretty much told us that we were great and he sees us going to state which would be beyond amazing! Then in Second period (my pals class) I walked into Mrs. Heathington's class to have a group of rabid fourth graders attack me with candy apples. I was excited oh yes i was. In fact i nearly stole some to take with me, but they had already made me one complete with the caramel, and the chocolate and colored sprinkles and peanuts plus a bag of candy corn. (I didn't have the heart to tell the excited faces that i find all those together gross.) I managed to eat it and in all honesty i was happy to know that all my little pals remember me when they do little crafts. I get at least one drawing or card a week. (They are all in my locker) I find them all adorable and sweet. Third period was the beginning of the embarrassing moment. I walked in all excited still eating my monster candy apple feeling pretty good at the moment and then i realized that i had left my english in my locker. So naturally i walked out of the room and grabbed it (its college lol you can do that!) When i walked back in and slipped on my bell bottoms (see mom boho is dangerous). I smashed into the table managing to hit my elbow and in an attempt to catch my self i fell and slammed my knee into the tile. I cried out a little you know in surprise and looked up to see everyone laughing. HA! I get the last laugh because i laughed to. Anyways i stood and finished the rest of class accident free. Fourth period rolled around and we had to creat a hostile take over of the world. THAT WAS AWESOME! My group decided that Micaela would be in control of the military in general "Generalissimo" I would be in control of the airforce "AirForce 1" Chris would control the Army and be "Crouching Tiger in the grasses" (because he's asian haha jk) and his brother Jake would be in charge of the navy "Hidden Dragon in the water" Then Josephine would take control over the world and be "Dark Over Lord" It was so fun lol just being random like that. Fifth Period...the embarrasment continued. Mrs. Martinez had seen me fall and made me write out an accident report about my fall to ensure that later if i had seriously hurt myself the school would be liable. Sixth period was just a lazy day so Sam and i just sat around and talked to each other. Seventh period Andy and i worked together and talked about his ex and my arch enemy ahahahahaha Jkjk but seriously it was fun. Then eigth period rolled around signifying the end of the day and athletics, which was super easy ahahahaha.

Then after school i sat around on youtube till dad said that mam wanted us to meet her in Hawley for dinner so i packed up and chased after him diving into the car just before he felt the need to leave (which he has done before) We rocked out to rock 108...and yes we did rock out. For those of you who don't know my dad is a metallica fan and i love driving with him when its just us because we listen to music that we both like so it ends up being awesome! I've come to the conclusion that he tones it down when mama is around. Anyways i'm rambling. Ok so we get to Hawley and mama meets us at the playground with the most delicious potato salad and venison. I loved it it was great! Not only did we get to hang out together and eat we were at the playground so Isabel and I swung and ran around with Ella-Sophie. It was pretty fun and for once i just kinda hung out and had fun which is strange haha jk jk.

Mostly though it was just a great monday which was all around strange and i loved it! I found it fun and enjoyable...i shall look forward to more days like this especially since we never see each other during the gets boring.

Anyways hope you had a fabulous monday!


  1. i had an awesome monday with my family as well. thank you so much for playing with all of your baby sister's and brother. you are an awesome big sister and an even more awesomer daughter.

    i love you monkey butt!!


  2. yay for good days! the potato salad and venison sounds awesome :)

    sorry about your fall.