Thursday, August 27, 2009


And here's Kelsey with her first week of school status report...are you ready this is big ok here goes

*ahem* I HATE HIGHSCHOOL!!! this has been a public service announcement.

anyways...thats really all i have to say except i have to drop my history class, and i have to find a high school musical costume by tomorrow


  1. I'm so sorry! Hopefully it will get better with time... Hey, you can do it! Love ya'...

    Aunt Danell :)

  2. ok ok ok

    daddy and i found a payment plan and coughed up some more money and you won't have to drop your college history course you big baby!

    hey cut us some slack. you know there are only four more behind you with wants and needs.

    we love you and are VERY proud of you. i can't believe you are almost done with high school and are taking two college courses. you are so awesome.

    we love you, hang in there and remember the wise words of your favorite Indigo Girls song.

    "it's only life afterall . . ."

    momma and daddy

  3. we are thinking of you -- cannot believe you are about to be 16!

    enjoy the good things about high school (band, football games, choir, college classes) and ignore any haters (they are everywhere).

    We love you.