Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Enter: Kazumi Taisho

AH school just started and I already wish it was over. Yeah its already that bad. So much drama and so little patience to put up with it MUAH AH HAHAHAHA!!!

Anyways, I was just thinking about how much i never blog so here I am blogging. So my college class is fun but it is already kicking my bootie lol, but seriously the whole having to contact your teacer through email thing is confuzzling. Oh and I'm on page thrity in my book for...MYSELF...I haven't come up with a title yet, but its coming along beautifully I think. Blythe is trying to kill me so she can get her hands on my book, but I have to keep hiding it so it stays a surprise until christmas. I was thinking about my writing earlier....see Aunt Stacey sent me a email about this 16 year old girl who just published her first book. I'm amazed at her talent, lol i wish i had the guts, but i don't bother, besides my writing is soley for one person. The publishing of one of books would be pointless :) Though i am trying to get it printed out all pretty for my sisters. anyways though i finally finished the picture that is going to be used for the cover of Blythe's book which is always exciting.

Oh and here's my schedule

1. Band (its okish....band nerd lol)

2. Peer Tutoring (i'm the tutor)

3. Dual Credit English (college)


5. Spanish III (ugh wish it was Japanese)

6. Physics (boring)

7. Algebra II (no comment)

8. Athletics (HECK YES!!!)

Its pretty boring mostly, but i can handle it I hope.

INUYASHA THE FINAL ACT IS OUT AND I WATCHED THE FIRST THREE EPISODES!!!!! AHHHH SESSHOMARU IS AWESOME!!!!! AH the joy InuYasha brings me!!! The anime world is so cool you should try it sometime!!!

Yeah Yeah so let's see what else is going on in my life...oh oh oh i am learning Japanese on my own time. Its really fun and i enjoy it so much more than stupid spanish!!! I guess its just really cool when your sister is learning it too so you can have super secret convos and no one knows what you're talking about which is like super spy fun!!! BTW did you know that the african avocado is orange and tastes just like peanut butter? WELL YOU DO NOW!!!!

But anyways my life is pretty idk neutralish right now i have a routine seriously a routine! But i can't complain its pretty relaxing.

So thats pretty much it so i'll just blog some other time peace out oh and BTW that picture up above is the cover page for Blythe's Book...i'm getting Kaley's finished soon (hopefully)

Ja Ne, (later)



  1. wow, you sound so relaxed to be so busy, that's awesome and i am super proud of you.

    you are really managing everything well and are maturing more and more every day.

    i love you mucho mucho (japanese don't really say i love you so i'm picking spanish)



  2. glad you are enjoying school. was good to read your post. I loved seeing you at the marching contest, ya'll were great. love you Grandma