Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Benign Growth...

This blog is posted in response to my mother's :) I love her. And i'm really appreciative to you and daddy. I'm sure Andy is too, I can still see his face from when he asked Daddy if he could date me. (PRICELESS)

Andy is pretty nifty! And I'm pretty sure he is benign. I can honestly say that he isn't self-centered. He is a bit of a punk sometimes but is extremely sweet when it comes to me and my family. (He always shows up at our house with a present of some sort, seriously sunday was a manga. And much to my family's excitement he buys them ice cream whenever they want it. Then he spoils Jack buying him new video games.) He thinks we are the coolest thing since they put the pocket in the pita. I suppose you get that feeling whenever you get to my house and my mother has fresh pizza she had made, new movies he has never watched, and a wii to play. He is firmly convinced that my mother is a gift from God. Exact quote says, "YOUR MOTHER IS SO MUCH COOLER THAN YOU!" When it comes to my dad...he idolizes him. I can't count how many times he has told me how jealous he is of my dad's musical talent. Isabel loves him to death tackling him everytime he enters the house. Blythe has warmed up to him though she does complain that we spend too much time together. Can't help it, he is always saying things like, "hey let's go to the bookstore." (everyone knows that books are my weakness) He is pretty well cute :) And extremely tall...for all of you who don't know him he is a huge nerd! Never met anyone who can actually talk about the fraggles with me and know what i am saying. He has even tried to learn about anime so he can talk to me about that too. Yesterday night I got sick at one-act practice throwing up all over the stage and he showed up to drive me home all the way to Abilene. Even going so far as to stay by my bed till mama made him go home. I looked like crap, but he still stayed there just to make sure i was ok. SO HA! And yes his father is the county judge...kinda strange. To be honest I've only met him twice. Anyhow all of my friends like him which is really cool. One of them even went so far as to draw us. It's really cute!

Now to my mother and father. I love you and you are pretty darn awesome! I still can't believe that you are letting me date.