Friday, June 05, 2009

Peace...Love...Save the Bees

"This is me...I'm exactly how i'm supposed to be."

So everyone has their own style that makes them well themselves right? I mean my sister is what i call "funky" lol she wears whatever comes to mind and talks in complete random phrases and eats anything in her way. Thats who she is...she's a nerd, but I love her and she just wouldn't be Blythe if she didn't act the way she does. But the style isn't whats important its the person in the style and why they are that certain way. I guess its just the beginning. You start with finding clothes that work for you. I personally love the bohemian hippie meets the aeropostale and hollister junkie. Its me i suppose lol its just what makes me...well me.
That however is the problem. My dad (cesar) is a complete stickler about things going his way...its like I have to be some goth emo. I'm being entirely serious here no lie. Look i'll show you. I have recently become a vegetarian, for several reasons. One because it's healthier, two because i prefer veggies and fruits anyway, and three because honestly those slaughter films everyone watches in ag are enough to turn anyone into a veggie *gag*.
Dad though just can't see it my way, he insists on looking at me as a freak and making me feel like a complete idiot. I mean i love my dad, but somtimes he just refuses to budge and change is a way of life whether he likes it or not. Anyways back to my Hippieness. I have always been a sort of animal lover and into the "save the bees" (long story) I love to be apart of these sort of things, so wearing recylced clothes and washing my hair with biodegradable products and styling my hair with all natural creams shouldn't be strange. And even though i don't shave as much as everyone else doesn't mean i'm any less clean. Once again its a "you're not doind this my way" thing and he doesn't like it. Ask anyone I know and am close to, they will tell you i have always been into the whole natural thing. Hot topic isn't my style and though i tried to work it it just didn't click with me. My sister Kaley though loves the stlye, so i suppose thats where dad gets the whole Kelsey must be emo thing!!!

Once again who I am is who I want to be and if people don't understand, how is that my fault? I guess they are just going to have to get used to the fact that I'm Me, I'm Kelsey Elisabeth the vegetarian bohemian aeropostale junkie who wants to save the bees from the evil cell phone waves that confuse their little bee brains...AND I'M PROUD OF THAT!!!!!!!!!

Peace, Love, Save the Bees,

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