Thursday, June 11, 2009

First week in Georgia

"In my world of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullabies I lie inside myself for hours and watch my purple sky fly over me."

Well...this has been a rather boring trip to Georgia. I mean yay lets go swim in the "Creatures of the Deep.," Pool. LOLOLOL...JK its cool i guess...I don't sleep much and I mostly babysit or clean (the bathroom was so nasty I just had to clean it) Anyways thats besides the point...I'm haviong fun mostly. I have been reading alot...mostly anime, but thats besides the point. I really don't have anything to blog about...I nmade peanut butter balls today they were yummy :) I was super stoked. We are selling them to people at Chris and Dad's work so we can make money for Pika Pika...its an anime shop at the mall of georgia. I'm really excited about that. The parents are at work so i have commandeered the computer lol for now anyway. They are super stingy about sharing. Oh well Chris went and bought me a whole bunch of meatless patties and shrimp and things like that so I can still stay the whole pescatarian without having to deal with eating beef. The whole house smells like peanut butter right now...its crazy!!!!!!!!! oh and hi mama i miss and love you muchly :) I miss and love you too daddy!!!!!!!!!! Lets see i'm pretty much out of stuff to talk about so I'm out!!!


  1. peanut butter balls, yum! Daddy Jere will be licking his chops. Hope you are feeling better. Be glad when you get home. Tell Jack and Blythe hello.

  2. It's quiet here. Too quiet. We actually brought Zoo back with us to keep things lively. We miss you guys so much. Izzy still doesn't understand where you are and has no concept of time. She misses everyone. She loved her present frm jack please tell him she found it today inhis room.

    Love you much.
    Take your medicine.
    Keep. Blogging!


  3. Hi, Kelsey! Sorry you had to clean the bathroom, but now you won't dread having to go in there and use it :) I think it's really neat you like to cook. Uncle Josh would probably LOVE your peanut butter balls! Have fun and can't wait to see you all again!

    Love, Aunt Danell

  4. Well now it is the second week in Georgia and guess what we haven't heard anything else. Please!!