Sunday, June 28, 2009 today was Anime Day in Atlanta!!!!! and it was it was sooo fun!!!!! anyways :) so Kaley and I dressed up as Karin Maaka from Chibi Vampire (kaley) and I dressed up as Nanao Ise from Bleach it was cool!!! We all went in there and got to see all these super cool people all dressed up. OH OH OH and I saw Kenshin!!!!! I was freaking out and dove at him literally :) he took a picture with me I felt like such a nerd!!! and there was this adorable little boy dressed as InuYasha and it was positively Adorable lol flat out cute!!! oh and we saw Sagura and he is one of my favs too so i stopped him and got a picture. And since dad likes final fantasy i saw the main character and she posed. But the coolest was definetly when we saw Jiraiya and Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Akamaru, Kiba, Itachi, and Tobi all together...I love Naruto so i was freaking out!!!!! Oh and we got to watch a silly cosplay of people from Naruto doing the macerena lol. Oh and I got to take a picture with Tobi who was sooooooo cool!!!!! I am so just babbling, but it was so much fun and i actually lookeed like my character and people recognized me and asked for pics too. Like Sango came up to me and asked for a pic so i did. I was soooo freaking out while we were walking was so cool to see all the costumes especially since most were homemade!!! Anyways I had tons of fun and can't wait to go to another one but I g2g peace :)
oh and if you want to see the rest of the pics they are on my myspace kk?


  1. It was good to see your post. Of course I knew very little of what you were talking about! Glad you are having fun.
    Love you

  2. You look Great! glad I love you so much that I even tried to understand what exactly you did and who you are suppose to be. Miss you monkey neechan!