Sunday, April 05, 2009

Autism Walk

OK so here's the deal...I don't have tons of friends and in fact i'm not very uh *cough* popular much to my younger sisters chagrin, but i try not to let stupid things like that bother me. Yet I seem to always be in a positions where its a social gathering type thing and you need friends to well fit in and have a good time. Once again we are all aware of my sad lacking in the friends department. Especially when I have to go to every event the younger sister goes to *sigh* I suppose i just grin and bear it in public most of the time. Anyways back to the main part of the story er blog...whatever.

Saturday was the walk for Autism and I had to go, which originally wasn't a very big deal. In fact I had wanted to go, but as fate would have it the one person I could actually hang out with and have fun...wasn't going to be able to make it. The original thought that ran through my head was "Oh crap, well I guess I just won't go." Of course Mother-Dearest made certain I got an earful of how ashamed I should be...deserting people when they need me to go and walk. So with her lecturing I ended up going, but I was absolutely sure I would hate it and have no fun.

However even with my lack of social standing I was able to find two girls that i could talk to and have fun with...Micheala and Josefine. Don't get me wrong they are great girls to talk to...I just never even considered them because we really don't ever talk. Yet as I jumped out of the van silently muttering about inequality and unfair treatment, the girls saw me and waved me over. I was cautious at first (I really don't have very many friends that are girls anyway) but they were determined to have a great time and the walk around the zoo ended up being so much fun that my sides began to hurt from laughing so much. The day was actually filled with jokes, animal impersonations, pretending to be different religions, looking at nazis lol and just walking around acting silly and for once not caring what was said or done.

The day turned out to be a great success and i'm really glad i ended up going. Even if it was originally only because mom wanted me to... I suppose I just needed a push into the right direction. In the end i realized...this isn't just about going and having fun or even just walking so you could keep your word. This was about walking for a great cause to search for the cure. I am so thankful I got the chance to help make a difference in something so desperately needed.

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  1. I was super proud of you. But then again I'm always proud of you because you are pure awesomeness!

    I love you